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Bisleri Mineral Water Bottle, 1 l

Water from the purest sources is something that we all need. This is especially true when we are travelling. Bisleri understands your drinking water needs like none other. It has ensured that it caters to a wide network of places and people who can enjoy its pure and pristine product in various bottle sizes. Bisleri is one of the most popular brands for bottled water. Bisleri follows a six-step stringent purification process which means that the water from Bisleri is pure and absolutely good for your health. Even the bottles where the water is stored are made in Bisleri plants as well to avoid contamination. A bottle of Bisleri water contains calcium, chlorides, magnesium and TDS; all of which are absolutely essential for healthy well-being. Quench your thirst with this bottled water and it will go down real smooth. Water like food, sustains life and the promise of bisleri is all you need.

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